Wednesday, August 16, 2017

"Can you feel the cleansing happening? The purging of all that no longer serves you. The releasing of the “old you,” old habits, beliefs etc, all leaving during this retrograde/eclipse time.

Lesson for this Season:

Leave the past behind

Prepare for an amazing future

You may be physically unwell, releasing happens in many ways. You may find yourself crying/emotional for no apparent reason. All the old angers, resentments, hurts are flowing to the surface. Allow the emotions to flow forth, do not entertain them - recognise them for what is happening, then let them go, never to return again.

Allow the mental clutter/chatter to subside - let it all go. You are ALL in preparation for a New Birth - time to prepare.

In allowing all that no longer serves you, to be released from all your bodies, mental, emotional and physical provides you the readiness to step into all that is unfolding in rapid succession.

This is a time of New Beginnings

Let go of the fear Dear Ones.

Currently on the surface Planet you are hearing the “Big Kids” telling you there is a war brewing!


We have promised you - NO MORE WARS. It is all a bluff with no substance other than to take you into fear!!! Fear has an energy which sustains the dark forces, it is their life-force - every time you go back into that old habit of fear you are giving the dark - LIFE.

Time to turn of their LIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM.

YOU are the co-creators of this New Earth and YOU are powerful beyond words.

Use your Power to focus LOVE AND LIGHT where it is required.

By YOU shining your LOVE AND LIGHT on a situation, or person in need, you over-light the darkness and drive it out.

Powerful beyond all knowing YOU are.

Time to release your Power.


These next few weeks you will witness incredible transformation in your own lives and also on your Planet.

Your Star Sisters and Brothers are working beside you. You have the support of all the Angels, Ascended Masters, Beings of Light and all who work with the Light. All are constantly beside you encouraging you to take your place in the new Reformation of the New Humanity on the New Earth.

Did we not say, these would be exciting times Dear Ones.

Challenging yes - Achievable yes!!!

You are the ones who were called forth for such times and here you are.

Ready to take up your position to create a-new.

Play nicely together Dear Ones - You are loved and protected always.

Call HOME when needed, we are always listening.

And so it is.


Leslie-Anne Menzies

Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 21st, 2017 Eclipse is a Mass Anointing. A Starseed initiation.

A collective initiations.

Ascension, Graduation, Harvest, Self Actualization, Spiritual Mastery or Attainment.

The Old System FALLS before your Eyes. Corruption and Falsehoods at the Deepest levels are Exposed.

That taken from you is returned.

Listen To This.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

CHOOSE to synchronize with YOUR own natural excitement.

"as you further develop yourselves, new versions of Earth are being born.

Higher Frequency versions of Earth that were never before, are formed every split second (every ‘Planck length’-Cosmic heartbeat) of your time, as a perfect reflection of the believes you choose to define your reality with – in every Here and Now.

There are versions of earth within your reach at this moment, that are of a higher frequency than you might have ever been able to image. On these ‘possible future Earths’, you are living a dreamlike life, filled with flow, joy and expansion.

This idea can be experienced as a manifest reality, by anyone who chooses to synchronize with their own natural excitement, by living from a balanced heart-mind state. All of you born in this time-frame, have been granted the possibility, to ride the wave of this ascension to the fullest.

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Some say put your Phone away and talk to the people around you and that equals RESPECT.

I feel that Respect is letting people do as they please.

If someone is not inspired to talk to you then why make them or guilt trip them. People know what they want or would rather be doing. In my "day" as they say, the "Adults" would say that about my book, put the book down and show respect.

Thing is I could hear all conversations, read, talk when I heard something of interest and remain INTELLIGENT and respectful. A Book nor a Cell Phone actually tunes people out of what they really actually WANT to be tuned into.

To me RESPECT is about letting people do what they want as long as it does not stop YOU from doing what you want. And if what you want is their eyes focused on you so you know you are being heard, well that's about you and not them or their level of RESPECT.

To me it is not RESPECT to MAKE someone pay attention to you instead of do as they want, as their Free Will Chooses. It's like making someone like you or forcing them to look at you, when they most likely can still hear you and interact with things around them. Just because they are looking at their phone does not mean they don't hear you, see you, or Respect You.

Live and Let LIVE.

~Reverend Crystal Cox
"as you further develop yourselves, new versions of Earth are being born. Higher Frequency versions of Earth that were never before, are formed every split second

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