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Dr Sandra Michael ~ Scalar Energy Medicine ~ World Health Sovereignty Summit (NE Festival, Bali)


= COBRA INFO = October 15, 2020


October 15, 2020

We’re now in the final phases. This is really the end. You can see the proof in what’s happening in the world. This would not have happened if the dark forces were not extremely desperate, because they know it’s game over. So this is why they’re doing this.

So this is the golden age we are all working for. This is something that is awaiting us at the end of this dark tunnel.

Imagine all those wonderful technologies being released. Imagine being able to travel throughout the Universe, and all options, all possibilities, endless possibilities will open for us.

The future that is awaiting us is really wonderful. I mean, imagine all darkness being removed. Imagine all financial worries being removed. Imagine all illnesses being removed.

Many dark scenarios have been prevented and even this scenario could be prevented most likely if certain people would behave differently in Lightworker communities. So, it’s a mixed situation.

So much more was possible, much more was planned to be achieved, and certain things would have been been very much different right now if certain key people and certain other not-so key people would behave differently among the Lightworkers.

Some people are doing really, really, really, everything they can. They are very dedicated, but some people are… Actually I would say their personality flaws, their belief systems are coming in the way.

For example, there is a quantum war taking place right now. I was not speaking about that before. I can release that right now. There is a war with quantum technologies and the Light Forces are winning.

This is a covert war, it is not an open war, and this war is taking place on the physical plane and it is taking place interdimensionally on higher planes with advanced technologies.

Planet Earth is the centre of the proxy war between the light and the dark factions of the galaxy, and of course at this point all those extraterrestrial races are not showing themselves openly.

So, there are other forces in the Universe and many of them have their own agendas about this planet. Some of them are positive and some of them are negative.

Our galaxy has hundreds of billions of stars and there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in this Universe so it will be crazy to presume that this is the only planet with intelligent life.

Probably you all are aware that this planet is not the only planet with intelligent life because there are so many…


Ground Crew - it is time to prepare for all waves to be completely removed from the MK Ultra Matrix

 Stephanie Lynne Sarten Post:

Ultra violet - Mind Kontrol - we are being removed or "unplugged" from the mind control at an exponential rate

As always - how fast you are unplugged Is in response to how your programming and cognitive dissonance responds to not having a veil anymore - the veil is in black and white - that is the cause of cognitive dissonance and duality of good vs evil

Humans are either programmed to see the "light or white" squares or the "dark or black squares" Not both

The Veil runs in front of your PIneal - (pi is spacetime equation) it is a 2D flat plane that looks like a chess board - that is seen by you as black and white - which are both ALL colors of the spectrum - white reflects or projects - black absorbs and injects - we see this as light and dark - internal and external - good vs evil etc

The colors are not seen because humans cannot see the short wave lengths of ultra violet light - you will see it moving like vertical lines (up and down) that move horizontally - left to right on black and white or light and dark

Horus eye zone -

Within the black and white squares of the chess board are colored images you cannot see because they are ultraviolet short wave lengths

Crew - it is not "out there" like your vision is

It is not on the horizon

It is literally right in front of your eye balls being projected out of your eye balls :)

So close and the wave so short - you do not see it - you look over it - but you can NOW and please refer to my videos and photos of the LOOKING GLASS we are in for a real and live example - except it is seen by my photography gear as pinkish purple - my camera can see short ultraviolet wavelengths in macro and they are VIOLET that's why it's called ultra violet

I also explain why we are in a looking glass, how it pertains to time travel and how past present and future are all combined in linear time

These images run like a slide show in front of the PIneal and are all attached to ELF frequency - which is SUBconscious

This is the aethers, the veil, the fabric of "spacetime", the field, the grid - it has many names - you already know

What you can expect besides seeing holographic light move as a wave -

You will be AWARE of your thoughts - which are not words and sentences but they are decoded into words and sentences automatically by the subconscious - from the IMAGES with the ELF frequency

Mind Control is literally controlling and creating the thoughts that stream through your mind or SUBconscious and you are completely unaware that your thoughts aren't your thoughts

Your thoughts are not created in your head

You are not your thoughts and you don't even notice about one million thoughts that stream through your mind every day

We have been puppets to the MK Ultra matrix

To expedite your complete removal from the veil - which is attached to YOU with an IP address - unique to you - with an Artifical atom - which is "made in the image of God" that attaches you to the "images of the slide show" (which also create the linear time construct)

Leave time - let it go

Take off that watch

Put down that phone

Unplug that alarm clock when you can

You are actually entering spacetime and leaving the absence of spacetime - time is only present in the present - so do not fear -

you do not disappear -

time has no control over you -

you've been existing in what you thought was time while it was the absence of it - which is why people say there is no time - not because it doesn't exist - because we are not in it and when we are in it - it is present but we do not experience time - we experience self

That which controls your time controls your mind

The wave and particle are not separate

The Wave and particle duality is how you are attached to the matrix with an Artifical atom -

It's the Artifical atom (with your IP address) that is separate from the wave (source) - not the organic - you are not separate from source

(I have video of light as a wave and particle also on my feed)

To detach - leave linear time

Don't watch time - watch your thoughts - watch yourself

When you lose time - you gain self

To lose yourself in a project and lose track of time -

That's a good thing - you lost time not yourself

The Artifical atom (image of) will detach from you - and you will be released from the wave particle duality or illusion of separation - which is no longer an illusion you are still an individual - not separated from source and from self -

Watch your thoughts from a third person point of view

Look at it

The wave particle duality only works in linear time - linear time is created by the 2D images streaming in front of your PIneal -

As a child you may have drawn stick figures in the bottom corner of pages in a notebook - then flipped the pages real fast and the stick figures came to life and looked like it was moving -

That is how linear time works - it is 2D animation in 3D

Pay attention to the thoughts in your head

Once you become aware and observe these thoughts - you will see how not only the thoughts but the reaction response is all automatic and you are a puppet and have not had control

Made in the image of God -

Forgive them for they know not what they do -

To be conscious one has to know They were unconscious and puppets

This information the occult knows and hides from you - once you know you can learn how to become conscious - it's can be a choice - they don't want you to have that choice because the entire matrix is going to collapse not long after we are all unplugged

God Speed

Sunday, September 20, 2020

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 Love Yourself. Trust Yourself. Focus on Your Self. Know your Beliefs. Truly know what you like, what you prefer and never make yourself like or prefer that in which you do not. Your Focus, Your Attention is Your Magic Want. And in every plank, ever part of a second, your beliefs and thoughts are creating Your Personal Reality, your body pain, what is drawn to you or repelled from you. ALL created by where you are placing your Focus. If you Focus on being someone else's version of you than you are literally creating or repelling REALITY, real, tangible, palatable, physical reality.   ~ RCC

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Worry is Controlling and Narcissistic.

Does this Trigger you? Well then you may be Controlling and or Narcissistic. Time to KNOW yourself and NOT try and KNOW for anyone Else. And please STOP Worrying for others. I am so Worried about You. Does that Feel good when said to you? It’s not a high vibration actions thing to say.

Think about it, worry projects worry on the person you say I am worried about you, it takes away their power, or attempt to, as THEY have CHOICE and you want to cast doubt due to your own fears and insecurities. You cause them to question what they know is best for them. Yes they choose to “let you” thing is, most don’t know that is what is happening.

They make choices in their life and your “worry” does not “help” them with these choices it aims to disempower. Your worry is a guilt and shame tool to get others to do what you think is best for them, or for you or for them to act or be the version of them that you are more comfortable with.

Instead talk it out with them, give them a sounding board per say, not your WORRY.

Worry is Useless in your personal life and in the I am so worried for you line that you throw out there.

Some say well my intention is loving, I worry about you because I love you. Not true, most worry about me, about others to comfort themselves and because they are afraid they may face what I am, or because they need the comfort in themselves to know they projected worry and so they did something. Really it is not high vibration helpful.

You worry about someone for YOU, because you are addicted to worry and controlling others.  You are use to projecting outside of yourself, instead of knowing your own beliefs and truth and creating the reality you want to live in and even the version of that person you worry about. You are responsible for your thoughts and beliefs no one else and in this you also cannot be another, it is their thoughts and beliefs that create their reality and your WORRY is not Helpful, it’s just not.

Is there an Action you can take? Can you help them with Food, Money, or Housing? Can you send an inspiring quote? How about an encouraging uplifting song or video? Can you do something to help them Raise their Vibration and Improve their life? If you can then DO IT. If you can’t then don’t however when you keep saying I am worried about you, you are creating low self esteem, self doubt in people who are not mentally strong.

Yes again they let you, thing is, so many are not awake and don’t get that is what is happening. They simply doubt themself, get depressed, want to die, can’t fix the issue and want to please you so they have constant mental torment.

Another example of this.

I KNOW Cancer is Curable I have consulted dozens to cure themselves of Cancer, there are millions who have cured themselves, so if they did you can.

Thing is I have known many who have died, as they studied, believed and knew for sure what to do, but their “family” in the name of Love and I am So Worried about you, YOU must do CHEMO, you must do what the Doctors say as I worry, we worry and we want you to live. The person crumbles at the family pressure called love and worry and they are tormented with chemo and radiation and then died. They lived a life that was to please the other people controlling them, as they could not take the gult and shame called Love and Worry.

The chemo caused the body and immune failure and the people died a painful death. They did not want to be radiated, and take chemo but they were not mentally strong enough to stand up to the WORRY of family.

This is also why many commit suicide. The family member or partner is so worried about them, and they can’t find their own voice in the constant worry and guilt and shame and death feels like the only way out, they don’t know they can remove those people from their life and make their own choices. They don’t know that they really do know what’s best for them and this is more IMPORTANT than the worries of the controllers who can only create their own reality and really “should” focus on their own body, life, reality and not constant WORRY of others personal choices and boundaries.

Please Don’t Worry about those you LOVE, as that is not Unconditional Love, it is Controlling and is of no help.

It would be better to talk about things they love, share ideas, give them ideas and information if you have it, if they need money and you have it give it or don’t if you don’t, but Worry does not help and in fact causes severe emotional stress on the person you keep telling your worried about them or your worried if they do this or don’t do that.

Keep Your Worries and TAKE ACTION.

~Reverend Crystal Cox

For ANY Version of TRUTH you want, you can Find Supporting Evidence. Decide What YOU BELIEVE for You, What you Want your Life to Be and FOCUS on the LIFE YOU WANT and NEVER EVER Put any Focus or Energy on the Life you DO NOT WANT to be fully living.    ~Reverend Crystal Cox

There are NO FACTS, there is ONLY Subjective Perspective.

You can Literally see a Different Reality than the person standing next to you. You can experience a totally different world then the person next to you. Each world, each timeline having a different set of alleged “facts”.  Check out the Mandela Effect, Timeline Shift, Quantum Shift, Reality Shift, Parrallel Realiteis, Delores Cannon, the Pleiadians, Bashar, ELAN, Bentinho, Micheila Sheldon, Lori Ladd, Abraham Hicks, KRYON. Do your homework, find out your beliefs. Bring all Unconscious Beliefs to the Conscious For Front as you are a Creator God, you are either creating consciously or unconsciously, LITERALLY Creating the reality you are Living in / experiencing / seeing by what you believe either Consciously or Unconsciously. So once you identify your beliefs and decide are they really yours and do you still believe them, you bring the Unconscious to the Conscious forward and begin to Deliberately Create the Reality you want to be living in.  ~  Reverend Crystal Cox

Monday, March 2, 2020

Lisa Transcendence Brown Your NEW Earth Experience/Life is THROUGH YOUR CONSTANTLY EVOLVING Physical LightBody/DNA and Merged Unified Field of Expanded Quantum/Super Consciousness

"Your LightBody is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this entire process, as it's HOW you achieve all as PURE LIGHT.

Your LightBody gives you access to all on a multi-dimensional level and does everything FOR YOU, yet what it REQUIRES FROM YOU will be more than your human ego aspect will want to "do".

Your LightBody is your NEW EARTH BODY... it's your Soul Body, your Energy Body... INTEGRATED within your physical body form. It repairs, rewrites and recodes your DNA/Genetics on a level that your human aspect is not capable of....


Your LightBody emanates, RAYdiates, vibrates and transmits OUT various frequencies and codes that TELL THE EXTERNAL "REALITY" HOW to respond (and deliver) all new realities/experiences to/for you.....

Your LightBody is YOU/YOUR SOUL/YOU AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS/LIGHT and every one of your MUCH HIGHER DIMENSIONAL ASPECTS that you open up access to, have to learn to HOLD/LIVE AS, while completely re-configuring, recreating, reconstructing and accomplishing all as PURE SACRED SOFT KIND POWERFUL LOVE here......

Your LIGHTBody is constantly Evolving, constantly Re-tuning, constantly Reconfiguring, constantly Anchoring, constantly Activating, and constantly Releasing all new INFORMATION and MUCH HIGHER INTELLIGENCE than that of your human aspect. In order to BE/HOLD THIS, you BECOME your HIGHEST VERSION/ASPECTS OF YOURSELF and you HOLD/EMBODY/LIVE THIS FULLY, for NEW EARTH TO BE your ACTual Entire Experience/REALity here....

There is no separation within anything... all is visible, available and possible. UNIFICATION brings Pure Peace, Ease and BEauty, Softness, Kindness and Deep Sacred Care, as well as the POWER to accomplish anything, without the distortions of the old anymore.....

There is no competition or selfishness, there is softness, caring and love, there is simplicity and sharing, presence and supporting, inspiration and contribution to a much higher dimensional reality where all new are timelines FREE FROM limits, boxes and excuses/dis-empowerment that each once held within......

THERE IS A BEAUTY IN INNER-FREEDOM and the LOVE OF CREATION, the LOVE OF INSPIRATION, THE LOVE OF UNITY AND DIVINE FLOW..... There is an ease that transcends all of the struggle that the ego aspect use to hold as "reality/necessity" before.....

There is BEAUTY in SIMPLICITY, zero complicating, zero excuses, zero waste, zero entitlement, zero lack that EMANATES from ZERO POINT FIELD/RANGE....

There is BEAUTY in SILENCE (as it's not silent), BEAUTY in Deep Sacred Connection, BEAUTY in Nature, BEAUTY in PURE PRESENCE.... where all is perfectly IN-TUNE, in PURE HARMONY and touches/uplifts/awakens your whole BEing through PURITY, where distortions are the way of the old.....

There is PURE PEACE where SACRED INNER UNION EXISTS, where external does not dictate anything.... and the inner creates "that"..... where all that each DREAMS through Sacred Presence becomes ACTual "reality"/Experiences here.....

There is a magnificence and magic available through our innocent and playful, kind loving hearts..... and POTENTIALS become REALITY because each HOLDS THIS AS REALITY FULLY from within.....


There is BEAUTY where all allow this, by completely and totally opening their whole BEING/HEART/MIND/SELF to LIVE THEIR OWN HIGHEST fully here and EMBODY all of the NEW EARTH CODES (and Templates) in every aspect of their own lives too.....

NEW EARTH IS US.... WE HOLD IT IN PLACE and WE EXPERIENCE THAT WHICH WE HOLD... Our Every Experience a VIBRATIONAL/ENERGETIC REFLECTION BACK to that which we "tell" our Morphogenic/Holographic/Unified Field to CREATE AS A RETURN.... through PURE PRESENCE and everything ENERGETIC....

NEW Earth is our EXPERIENCE where we each function from a State of Consciousness that allows NEW EARTH to BE our every experience here.... In order to achieve this, our SOULBODY/LIGHTBODY must fully integrate WITHIN OUR FORM and reconfigure our whole physical body make-up for immense LIGHT to RUN OUR BODIES/SYSTEMS and OUR ENERGY THAT CREATES/SUPPORTS all.....

Our LightBodies are ENERGETIC and CONSTANTLY building up through the activation and integration of immense Photonic LIGHT (atomic/cellular/molecular level/every level) DEEP within, so that our entire physical reality is supported, our entire life is highest aligned, our whole field works cohesively and through Divine Alignment. Full Integration and Embodiment is UNIFICATION and MASTERY within itself.....

To build/hold/embody PURE LIGHT and hold this at all times.... to HOLD THIS FULLY and no longer compromise ON A SOUL LEVEL is required by each....

TO LIVE a SIMPLE EXISTENCE where Service/Light/Unity/Pure Consciousness/Love/Kindness/Inner-Power and Unifying all through LOVE is our organic and natural way.... means that each has consciously chosen to RELEASE THE INNER STRUGGLE/FIGHT and CONSCIOUSLY SHIFTS FROM DEEP INSIDE TO REALITIES that are UNIFIED ON EVERY LEVEL.

SHIFT INSIDE to "it's not complicated", as NEW EARTH CODES ARE SIMPLE... they just don't conform to old earth ways, because those are corrupted/constricting and "go against" UNITY/PURITY/CONSCIOUSNESS... which is the opposite of how the human ego sees....

FULL CONSCIOUSNESS "APPEARS" to "go against", yet it's actually the other way around... Full Consciousness lifts all up/higher, empowers through unity/love/purity and holds LOVE as a WAY OF BEING/LIVING/EXISTING... which includes EVERYONE.

It's the E-Go aspect that destroys, is selfish and doesn't actually care, lives from survival mode/protection mechanisms, judges/justifies/ rationalizes "behavior" according to EGO BELIEFS/MENTALITIES/STRUCTURES/ CONSTRUCTS/ SYSTEMS/WAYS.... which is the "opposite" of PURITY, KINDNESS, SHARING AND UNITY....

The human ego aspect is the one "trying" to comply with rigid, fixed rules... the one trying so hard to hang onto the "old ways" learned/told/ embedded/believed before....

The human ego aspect is the one that functions from a place of separation within and fears EVERYTHING that challenges that which they perceive "reality" to be...

The human ego aspect is the one that fights, defends and plays in duality within still....

The human ego aspect is the one that cannot receive love, pushes it away or seeks outside of itself....

The human ego aspect is the one "dependent" on realities that keep them in a box, prison and "fixed", because of distorted perceptions of "control" and the distorted mentality/belief that those "fixed" limits are "safe", when everything is ACTUALLY quite the opposite of this.

The human ego aspect is the one that loves to play in the "I'm not RESPONSIBLE" and "it's all them/theirs" game..... totally unaware that the "matrix" is inside of their whole body and the dismantling process is "done" by their own SOUL/LIGHTBODY activating inside of their own body and re-configuring/vibrationally realigning their entire reality FOR THEM.... because they will not yet fully surrender for EASE to be the way that this occurs, as well as making the HIGHEST VIBRATIONALLY ALIGNED CHOICES/ DECISIONS NECESSARY TO SHIFT ALL TO A MUCH HIGHER VIBRATION/LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS FROM WITHIN........... so "something" has to occur to assist with this PROCESS..... of continually breaking down the "EGO HOLD" within....

SOUL/COSMIC ALIGNMENT "appears" to GO AGAINST everything the human ego lives for/believes/built... yet it's actually the OPPOSITE.

The human ego reality is what "goes against" COSMIC/SOUL/UNIVERSALLY ALIGNED REALITIES and this is what's being aligned VIBRATIONALLY on a Quantum/Multi-Dimensional/Cosmic Level from within every moment now.............


The human ego aspect is unaware of all, because of limited, fixed and conditioned mind constructs that bind each to a VERSION OF REALITY that's not highest aligned. There are infinite "reasons" for this, at which are too vast to cover with this writing here.

In order to EXPAND INTO much higher states of Consciousness, one must LET GO OF ALL OF THAT, dissolve the old programming held within and BE WILLING to explore all new ways, incorporate all new ways that LOOK NOTHING LIKE BEFORE....

Each must be WILLING to go deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside/within to observe their own PROGRAMMING and learn to open up to LISTEN, HONOR AND FEEL/SEE that which perceives to CHALLENGE everything ONCE BELIEVED... and "held" as "real"ity..... ( a what must I believe.. CC note here)

A shift in perception can shift one's entire currently reality. 

Many shifts in perceptions will open up a whole new experience not previously available because each was NOT WILLING to actually see and expand their own awareness beyond their own current limits held inside......

AS each starts to TRULY COMPREHEND that "reality" is perception, reality is subjective, reality is "just a belief".... then each will CHOOSE TO OBSERVE ALL to see the DISTORTIONS, to SEE through their own PURE HEARTS/SOUL and CHOOSE TO IMPLEMENT ALL NEW WAYS that aligned on a Soul Level, rather than the conformity and compliant ones of "before".

AS EACH'S PURE HEART OPENS FULLY, then a whole new reality starts to become VISIBLE as an ACTUAL REALITY for EACH... this "whole new reality" or "world" is what we refer to as NEW EARTH, because it IS AVAILABLE TO ALL who truly EMBRACE THIS FULLY and start to live by the UNIVERSAL and COSMIC CODES embedded in their own DNA....

EVERYTHING is a SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS.... and everything is available and already EXISTS, yet everything is also MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, so each RECEIVES THE REALITY/EXPERIENCE each holds as REAL, which is constantly transmitting out from each's own "Zero Point" on a cellular level continuing OUT through their whole Quantum/Energetic Field to instruct the external how to reply/return a "value" relative to a multi-dimensional experience, rather than a linear one. ♥

One of the "first" things all must do, is observe, challenge and SHIFT that which they PERCEIVE AS REALITY.... and completely shift PRIORITIES through understanding "how" all is truly created and comes to BE through each's own mentalities, beliefs, dimension occupied and FLOW of VIBRATIONAL ENERGY.

NEW EARTH is a "new" VERSION of all that replaces all of the "old" VERSIONS that all once held in place "as reality" from deep within. What each "hold as reality" determines this and FULLY Conscious Multi-Dimensionality opens up everything to everyone again.

NEW Earth becomes each's EXPERIENCE as the CODES FOR NEW EARTH are ALLOWED to fully integrate and each embraces their own HIGHER/HIGHEST States of Consciousness fully and HOLDS THIS FULLY above all.

More love, more purity, more kindness, more generosity, more Divine/Sacred Experiences, more connection, more abundance, more bliss, more magic, more EVERYTHING no longer limited by the old programs/conditioning/mindsets that "stopped" all of this BEing everyone's full experience here!

EVERYTHING that "stopped" all was each's own inner matrix and as each opens up fully, their inner matrix re-works itself, becoming the Energetic/ Crystalline/Plasma Matrix System (Inner-active Holographic and Morphogenic Field that Quantum Existences allow).

"Higher Dimensional Existence" replaces "lower".... yet through constant merging/dissolving/shifting and tuning processes accomplished through the integration of HIGH FREQUENCY PHOTONIC LIGHT through each's physical body form and applied to each's WHOLE LIFE where everything becomes ONE.



I deeply love, appreciate and honor you and all you are living, breathing, being and doing as Pure Light Consciousness here (Love) too! ♥

With the utmost respect and care,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Thursday, February 20, 2020

to create environments that support lasting wholeness.

"I’ve been a “Charismatic” my entire life. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly. I’ve seen the awe-inspiring and the cringe-worthy. I’ve seen the real and the fake.

Today, I’m trying to sum up some of my observations, because I believe a healthy approach to supernatural healing is profoundly important for the future of the Church.

Let me open with a big fat clarification that many of my observations are cumulative generalizations based on a wide range of experiences.

I am not attempting to judge the heart of specific individuals or ministries, and no, I am not subtly referring to ________ who you personally dislike.
With that said, let’s get started.

1. I have zero doubt supernatural healing is real.

If you haven’t witnessed this firsthand, it can be hard to believe. If you haven’t had a doctor look at you and say, “I have no clue how this happened,” it can be hard not to ignore such accounts.

My father had a golf-ball sized tumor in his neck simply disappear after it was prayed for. I’ve been a part of communities where cancer getting healed, backed up with medical verification, was a fairly common occurrence. 

While it’s not an everyday or even every-year occurrence, I have seen enough black-and-white, indisputable healings to remove any question from my mind that it’s possible.

Supernatural healing does happen, and it’s probably not as rare as you think.

2. Most healing “testimonies” are pure speculation.

Unfortunately, many Charismatic communities give skeptics all the ammunition they need, and this is true even in places were legitimate healing is taking place.
I spent 3 years at a fairly popular ministry school, and about 95% of the testimonies told by students sounded something like this:

“So I went up to this stranger and asked if he had pain in his body. He said, “Yes, I have pain in my ____.” So I prayed for him and the pain left, and I’m just so excited about God completely healing him.” *clap, clap, clap
Now, I have zero problem with praying for pain to leave someone’s body. I do it all the time and will even share a pain-relief testimony later in this article.

But here are a few of the issues:

What was the underlying condition? Did that get healed?
Did the pain stay gone or was it just temporary relief?

Why is it ALWAYS a stranger, giving no opportunity for accountability or follow up?

Why, in 3 years of ministry, was pain relief 100% of all student-given testimonies?

Having someone tell you, “Pain left a part of my body,” and then reporting that as “he was completely healed” is pure speculation… at best.

After 3 years of this, I find myself far more skeptical of healing testimonies leaving the school than I was when I entered, and this is coming from someone who fully believes in the legitimacy of supernatural healing.

And what’s worse…

3. Those praying often don’t truly care about the people they’re praying for.
At first glance, this may seem harsh, but let’s just stop and be real. Let’s ask our testimony-sharers to answer these questions:

Who is the person you just prayed for?

What is the most pressing issue on their heart?

How did God want to minister to them?

In many cases, the testimony-sharer can’t answer a single one of these questions? In many cases, they really don’t want to know, because the answers wouldn’t make for a great “testimony”.

All too often, when the gifts are involved, there seems to be a template-approach to ministry, coupled with a complete indifference towards those being ministered to. Sure, people will make an emotional show of it, but at the end of the day, if you can’t answer the most basic question about a person, did you really “minister” to them?

4. Healing anointings have nothing to do with holiness.

I bought into this lie pretty hardcore. It was how I was taught. “Your holiness qualifies you to be used of God.”

I spent years doing all the right things and wondering why I wasn’t seeing manifestations of supernatural power in my life.

And why shouldn’t I have bought into this idea? The guy telling it to me was one of the most supernatural ministers I’ve ever seen. We are talking crazy stuff… dude-seeing-through-an-eyeball-less-socket crazy… 13 year cancer-free zone crazy.

But as anyone who has been very long in Charismania can tell you, the annual “famous supernatural pastor falls” event makes it pretty clear that holiness is NOT the standard by which God doles out anointing, and even just having this perspective leads to dysfunction.

Can you imagine the pressure of telling everyone they need to be holy to be used, and then finding yourself face-to-face with your own issues. Where do you turn? When everyone expects you to be holy — when you’ve convinced yourself that is what qualifies you — where do you go when you realize it wasn’t true?

Vulnerability is the key to sustainability. It’s the key to wholeness and community and joy.

You don’t need to wait to reach some holiness standard to be used of God. Our God is a God of the journey, not the destination.

5. Healing anointings have nothing to do with theological accuracy.

On a similar note, I’d like to point out that just as one’s healing anointing doesn’t confirm his or her personal “holiness”, it also doesn’t confirm theological accuracy.

Again, I bought into this one, because when two guys are arguing and only one is doing miracles, siding with miracle dude seems like the natural choice.
If only discovering theological truth was as easy as finding the craziest miracles…

Needless to say, when you have hundreds of healing evangelists all disagreeing on the nature of God, it becomes readily apparent that the anointing has little to do with theological accuracy.

6. That said, healing anointings are real… and powerful.

Despite everything I’ve just said, Paul wasn’t kidding when he said God’s gifts and callings are irrevocable. There are some people who are simply called and gifted.

I’ve encountered these people. I’ve served with them. What would constitute the craziest moment of my life is an average Thursday for them. My intro to healing prayer was praying for a few headaches. Their’s was healing an entire deaf/mute school (that’s a real example). In all honesty, these people didn’t do anything to earn this special anointing. It just is what it is.

Some steward it well. Others don’t. I can tell you that Jesus wasn’t joking when He said to whom much is given, much is required. There is much required from these individuals as well, and I’ve come to appreciate, at times, that I don’t have the same weight on my own shoulders.

7. Supernatural healing is not limited to the “anointed”.

While anointings, giftings, and callings are real, I want to be clear that no one is restricted from being used by God to bring healing.

1 Cor 12:31 tells us to “eagerly desire the greater gifts.” I’ve seen people who didn’t even know God ask Him to heal their friend’s arm and then watch in amazement as it happened. I’ve completely bombed words of knowledge for healing and then seen God show up and heal people.

There are no restrictions. God is not limited to our giftings. He really likes demonstrating His love to people, and anyone interested in partnering with Him in loving people can see healing take place.

Furthermore, God is bringing the Church into a new paradigm that replaces “the man of God” with “the people of God”. The Kingdom of Heaven was never be designed to be carried by a handful. It’s time for the Church as a whole to understand the Kingdom and bring the world into abundant life.
And this is precisely why I believe a healthy perspective towards healing is needed. The problem is…

8. No one seems to actually understand healing.

The Evangelical Church and its Charismatic offshoots are rather famous for claiming to have the final word on virtually everything. And yet, within this assurance of total certainty, there seems to be a uniform acceptance that supernatural healing is beyond our understanding.

In Evangelical circles, divine healing is typically viewed as the sovereign act of God, if it’s believed in at all. God moves according to His will, and we have little-to-no influence in how He chooses to interact with humanity. We can pray, but God’s decision to heal or not to heal doesn’t have much to do with our participation.

In many Charismatic circles, the opposite could be said. We are commissioned to bring the power of God to the world. God always wants to use us to heal, and when it doesn’t happen, it’s because there are shortcomings on our end. These shortcomings might involve our level of faith, level of holiness, level of passion, level of perseverance, etc. — no one really knows — but as we grow in these undefined areas, we will see more healing take place through our ministry.

In either paradigm, healing is regarded with uncertainty. And unlike virtually any other area of theology, uncertainty towards healing is vigorously defended.

9. And apparently, you shouldn’t try to understand it either.

I remember at one point a famous teacher told me that trying to understand God was the same as trying to control God. This comment was made with a particular emphasis towards the supernatural.

When I mentioned on Facebook that I was writing an article along these lines, the most “liked” comment I received stated the following:

I don’t think there is any one avenue in which healing is delivered. It comes from many different places. The only theology a person should have regarding healing, is that God still heals today. 

As to why or how or when? It’s never up to us. I have prayed for a deaf man to be healed, and though I can honestly say I wasn’t sure if God would heal him, he still got healed. I’ve also had complete faith God would heal another man I prayed with whom a heart murmur and he was healed.

I’ve also been healed during a service when no one was praying for my specific ailment. I’ve prayed for many other healings, and also seen nothing happen. Since healing is in his presence, it seems to occur at His prerogative. Knowing when healing is going to happen comes then, when you know his heart.
In many ways, this is a fairly healthy perspective.

But what is most interesting to me is the actively expressed view that “the ONLY theology a person should have regarding healing, is that God still heals today.”

Just like the teacher I mentioned before, this individual was expressing a belief that one SHOULD NOT seek to understand healing.

Why is that? We don’t typically have this stance toward other areas of our theology. Why healing?

10. Prayer for healing doesn’t seem to have a predictable result.

For the free-thinking Christian, discovering theological truth looks a lot like the scientific process. It involves a number of steps:

Observe and encounter God as He works in your life and the lives of others.
Look to Scripture to help you interpret your observations and experiences.
Refine your conclusions through feedback from friends, fathers & mothers, and the Holy Spirit.

Continue to observe, interpret, and refine.

And just like the scientific process, we end up with working theories — conclusions about who God is and how He responds to the situations we encounter.

Many of our conclusions are not practically testable. For example, when we conclude that “God is forgiving”, we measure the practical accuracy of this by the peace in our spirits when we ask God for forgiveness. This is hardly a legitimate test, but like so many aspects of religion, it aligns with our belief system, our personal reality confirms it, the similar realities of others affirm it… and at the end of the day, it works for us.

The difference with healing is that it IS practically testable.

We pray for someone, and they are either healed or they aren’t healed. Unlike most religious activities, this provides us with immediate feedback to factor into our belief system, and we aren’t used to dealing with that.

To make matters even more complicated, prayer for healing doesn’t seem to yield predictable or consistent results.

We pray a certain way for a certain condition, in a certain frame of mind, and that condition is healed. We repeat the process with similar parameters and nothing happens.

We never know what will happen the next time we pray for someone, and as a result, most have concluded that the nature of healing can’t by understood.

Furthermore, trying to isolate a more specific understanding could destroy our mainstream approach to evangelism.

11. Our approach to evangelism requires we remain ignorant towards healing.

In both Evangelical and Charismatic circles, evangelism often looks remarkably like business sales.

Establish a need — “You are headed straight for eternal, fiery torment. You need help”

Pitch the main benefit — “By accepting Jesus, you can avoid eternal, fiery torment.”

Sweeten the deal — “But wait, there’s more. God answers prayer (for healing, finances, relationships) so you will have a better life.”

Always be closing — “Would you like to pray this prayer and avoid fiery damnation?”

Don’t waste too much time on any one pitch — there are too many souls that need saving.

In this context, healing ministry tends to be part of the salvation sales pitch. It tends to be less personal and more “how can we reach the most people”.
There are upsides and downsides to this perspective, but regardless of one’s opinion on the matter, it makes sense to have an “I don’t know” theology on healing when our goal is maximum reach and “results aren’t guaranteed”. It makes sense to keep our expectations of healing vague when we can’t predict the outcome and salvation is the primary objective.

12. Uncertainty is needed to sustain healing ministries.
For “healing ministries” specifically, uncertainty is a MUST.

Think about it. These people are praying for thousands at a time. It’s simply not sustainable to worry about any one individual.

There is no time to focus on why some are healed and some aren’t. If you have to worry about those who don’t get healed, you will burn out quickly.

For those in this style of ministry, the best option is to simply continue praying and trust God with the results. Some of the most powerful, legitimate healing ministries I’ve encountered use this approach.

On the one hand, it makes sense. I get it. And while I would never speak ill of these ministries, at the same time, this perspective of uncertainty doesn’t seem to be what we see when we look in scripture.

13. The Bible suggests that healing faith is related to understanding authority.
As a research-prone sort of chap with a longstanding fascination of physical healing, I’ve paid particular attention to discussions on healing within the Bible. The most profound account, in my opinion, is that of Jesus’ with the centurion in Luke 7.

2 And a centurion’s slave, who was highly regarded by him, was sick and about to die. 3 When he heard about Jesus, he sent some [b]Jewish elders asking Him to come and [c]save the life of his slave. 4 When they came to Jesus, they earnestly implored Him, saying, “He is worthy for You to grant this to him; 5 for he loves our nation and it was he who built us our synagogue.”

6 Now Jesus started on His way with them; and when He was not far from the house, the centurion sent friends, saying to Him, “[d]Lord, do not trouble Yourself further, for I am not worthy for You to come under my roof; 7 for this reason I did not even consider myself worthy to come to You, but just [e]say the word, and my [f]servant will be healed. 8 For I also am a man placed under authority, with soldiers under me; and I say to this one, ‘Go!’ and he goes, and to another, ‘Come!’ and he comes, and to my slave, ‘Do this!’ and he does it.”
9 Now when Jesus heard this, He marveled at him, and turned and said to the crowd that was following Him, “I say to you, not even in Israel have I found such great faith.” 10 When those who had been sent returned to the house, they found the slave in good health.

Jesus marvels at the centurion’s faith, but what we see in the centurion is not the “blind belief” many Christians think of as faith, but rather, a deep-seated understanding of authority.

The centurion is not saying, “Jesus, I believe in you, and I believe you can heal.” He is literally saying, “I understand how authority works, and I recognize that you have authority over my servant’s physical well-being.”
14. This revelation of authority led to me seeing more healing.

The more I dwelt on this account of the centurion, the more I came to believe that there was power to heal in a revelation of Christ’s authority. As I began to meditate on this, it began to take root in me and affect the way I did ministry.
The most notable incident involved a longtime missionary I was working with named Denny. He and his wife Danette had spent decades on the mission field and were the epitome of servant-leaders.

However, for the last 4 years, Denny had been experiencing sharp, constant back pain as the result of a minor back injury. The underlying injury had healed on a functional level, but there was still lingering pain, as is so often the case with back injuries, that the doctor’s couldn’t really do anything about.

When the call for healing prayer went out one Sunday night, Denny stood and I walked over to pray for him, aware of his back pain from previous discussions. People around the room prayed for those standing for around 2–3 minutes, and then the service continued onward.

The moment I laid my hands on Denny’s back, however, something clicked in my spirit. I don’t know quite how to describe it, but I had a profound conviction that this back pain was unacceptable and had zero authority to be there. From our previous conversations, I knew Denny had always enjoyed being an athlete, but had been unable to engage in his favorite activities because of this pain. I was angry about this, and I was aware that I had the authority to command this pain to leave. It wasn’t in question. I knew this pain was going to leave.

Accordingly, when the rest of the service moved on and nothing had changed in Denny’s back, I kept praying, because I knew he was about to be healed of this pain. Denny and the others praying for him were willing to keep it going, so we went outside and continued praying. Around 20 minutes later, Denny was running laps around the church with no pain. And even more importantly, as of the last time I checked with Denny, the pain has never returned and he has resumed his enjoyment of athletic pursuits.

Why am I telling you this? Because I am convinced there is a connection between healing and authority, and I want to continue pursuing that understanding with your help.

But going back to our discussion of healing ministries…
15. Jesus would make a terrible Charismatic healing evangelist.

In more “progressive” Charismatic circles, there is this idea that Jesus is our model for the Christian life — that Jesus was the example of what is possible when a man or woman is in right relationship with the Father and Holy Spirit.
Jesus had a 100% healing rate. He didn’t try to heal people. He healed them. But what did he do with this profound ability?

He went about His Father’s business.

In Charismania, if you have a noticeable healing rate (let’s say 50%), you’re next step is to proclaim yourself a healing evangelist and spend the rest of your life visiting churches and praying for thousands of people. Imagine what would happen if someone had a 100% healing gift.

I can guarantee you “going about the Father’s business” would be the LAST thing on their mind.

I don’t say that as a judgement of character. The motivations might be 100% pure. But in the Charismatic community, we’ve re-defined “the Lord’s work” as “the use of spiritual gifts”. If you have a gift, it needs to be used for massive outreaches, television appearances, and conferences.

Jesus would be terrible at filling this role. Today’s leaders would lament his “wasted talent” and “unused giftings”. I mean think about it — a man with a 100% healing rate who didn’t spend a large percentage of his time healing people.

And this makes me think…

16. We need to re-evaluate our definition of “successful ministry”.
A sold-out conference. A bestselling book. A megachurch.

These are what we call “success” in American Christianity. But what do any of these things actually accomplish? What is the ROI of these events? What is the meaningful impact? What is the lasting benefit?

Every year, Christian leaders bemoan the supposed disintegration of the world’s moral fiber. They decry the lack of impact the Church is making, and then they continue speaking at the same conferences, running the same TV programs, and collecting the same paychecks they have for the last 20 years.

“Ministry” is from the Greek word diakoneo, meaning “to serve” or douleuo, meaning “to serve as a slave.”

Why is being a sought-after itinerant, best-selling author, and conference keynote speaker the pinnacle of a career allegedly devoted to “serving”.

Is this really “the Father’s business”? Or are we simply slapping the Father’s name on our own businesses?

17. I don’t think physical healing is always God’s priority.

So what does it look like to be about our Father’s business? And how does this apply to healing?

While I would tend to agree with the perspective that it’s always God’s heart to heal, I’ve come to realize that physical healing is not always His priority.
I believe that Jesus came to give us abundant life. He came to rewrite mankind’s paradigm of God by introducing us to the Father.

Physical health and wholeness is an important part of living life abundantly, but it’s not the only part, and I would even go as far as saying it’s not the most important part.

This is where “the Father’s business” comes into play. Too often, we enter a ministry scenario with an agenda.

We are there to minister in the way we want to minister or the way we feel best equipped to minister.

But this isn’t the model we see from Jesus. Jesus did what He saw the Father doing. Jesus partnered with the Holy Spirit in prioritizing what the Father was prioritizing, rather than simply following a ministry template. And just like Jesus, we should approach ministry and life in general looking for the Father’s priorities.

NOT looking for a step by step path that we are supposedly supposed to follow but simply looking to partner with what God is doing in people’s lives, rather than trying to dictate what WE want God to do in their lives.

18. Physical healing is often a quick-fix rather than a permanent solution.
I’ve seen people get supernaturally healed of cancer — complete with medical verification — and then relapse and die. I’ve seen God supernaturally restore relationships and then watched them implode a few years later. I’ve seen drug addicts supernaturally delivered without a single withdrawal only to fall back into addiction down the road.

Healing and deliverance are rarely long-term solutions. They are gifts. They are often quick-fixes that give us the freedom to address deeper problems. And they are meant to facilitate a more complete wholeness.

In the charismatic world, we often make supernatural gifts the point. We have elevated these momentary touches of God into our basis for ministry. Meanwhile, our kids grow up disillusioned, our marriages fail, our pastors fall, and we have virtually zero lasting impact in the communities our plentiful testimonies come from.

We need to shift our focus.

19. We need to create environments that support lasting wholeness.
If you treat your body like crap, it will break down and develop problems.

God can step in and heal you of one or more of those problems, but if the way you treat your body doesn’t change, your will simply develop new problems.
You can be a lousy husband and destroy your marriage.

God can step in and supernaturally turn you and your wife’s hearts towards each other, but if nothing changes in how you go about being a husband, it won’t be long before you once again destroy your marriage.

You can have a negative belief system that leads you to hate yourself. God can step in and give you a revelation of your worth, but if you don’t change your internal and external environments — the beliefs you have about yourself, the way to talk about yourself, the way the people around you talk about you — you will drift back into hating yourself.

We need environments that support wholeness. We need environments that support physical well-being — environments that don’t view our bodies as just something to shed on our way to “heaven”. We need environments that support emotional intelligence and healthy relationships.

We need environments that support healthy belief systems — that teach us to view ourselves as sons & daughters made for joy rather than miserable sinners made for submission to a control freak.

I’d much rather live in an environment where people didn’t get sick then one where they continuously cycled through sickness and healing.

2o. We can’t be afraid to love.

“Desire earnestly the best gifts, and yet I will show you a more excellent way…”
We all know where this is heading. It really is all about love. And love looks like something.

We can’t be afraid to love. When you are looking at the boy in the wheelchair, love looks like something. It might look like being bold enough to pray for healing. It might look like simply talking with him, discovering his heart and passions. It might look like hearing God’s heart for him and declaring that over him.

As you grow in relationship with Holy Spirit, you will get better at discerning which of those is best in the moment, but honestly, you really can’t go wrong if you are there to love.

We can’t be afraid to love. We can’t be afraid to engage. It’s really easy to not engage. I know. I’ve been there. After spending 3 years constantly engaged, I’m very much enjoying a season of rest and allowing myself to be be ministered to.
But I can’t stay here forever. Not because I’m obligated to accomplish something for God. Not because souls need to be saved from a fiery doom.

I need to engage because love looks like something, and I was made to love.
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