Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Unwritten Whispers
Feathers Nests.
Birds of Prey
Find another way.
Your nose down
Hungry for Pay.

Unbreathed Secrets
Crash Serene Waters
Human Foundation Gives
Way to Divinity.

Tides Holding Course

The Moon an Actor
In another’s Play.
Earth jumped the Track
To find another way.

You are Nose down
Building Their Town.
You Ignore your Frown.

Too tired to Create
Thoughts run wild
With assumptions of Defeat.


Right Now, Your Thoughts are Creating Worlds

The Words So Crisp
Engaging the Senses
Tempting the RePlay of Yesterday
Seduced by the Expectation of a
A Far Off Tomorrow.
Standing in the Shadow
Called Now and not able to see
The Clarity of the Reveal
As the Focus of Tomorrow
The trained Dream of the Assumed Future
The Heavy Storm Clouds of the Past
Crying for Attention.
All Creating a blinding Light
Of which the Reality Creating
Moment of Now drags in the depth
Of Shadows Mud.   ~ RCC

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Time Measured Itself and 
Came up Short.

I Held Measure to Gauge
And found myself in Matrix Cage.

I awoke in a City Asleep,
With Eyes of Clear
And no one’s depth Near.

I Cautioned the Tale
To No Avail.
Each Ear could find No Sail.

I ran to the Mountains Shore
Seeking Self Secret No More.

I prayed upon a Sacred Grove
And Healed inside a Mystic Cove.
I Climbed the White Staircase
And found myself in Crystal Chambers.

I dove in enchanted waters.
A swimming dancing gypsy
Was I. Alone in Sacred Roam.
My Body My Home.

Retrieved my Soul’s Source
And Triggers and Programs No More.

I fought for Air in Density I had never known,
And came out with Breathe that can never be shown.

I dove deep in Earth’s Dimensions
And Found passage to my Core
Self Known Seeking next to Roar.

I Found Roar is no More.

There in Meadows Light
I Sought the Night
In this Dark Calm I saw my Might,
And saw the seeds in others,
overwhelmed that I was to
no longer plant their sees, nor watch them grow
I was to move on to the next show.

I rounded the corner from the Wind
Only to thus begin the seeking again.

I wound the roads to and fro
Looking high and low
My guidance My allowed Preference.

Having no idea I had felt lost as
I had not felt the found
Though there it was all along
On the Sacred Ground.

I rampaged through life’s traditional toll
And sat embryo with my own soul.

Incubation in the chamber of my creation.

I shivered with raindrops Falling
On my Crown.

Lost in a world of Found
Checking out from the clowns
And their Perception of My Life.

All along Singing Tune
To Self and Moon

Dancing in the Forest alone.
Meandering along the streams.
Walking the Urban Streets.
Flying the Winds Breeze.

Their Version of time passed,
Years they say. And here
Come What May.

Melody of the Moon,
A life of seeking refuge from the wind
And it’s Associates.

Perceptions of the other Gods creating their own reality around me
Are now no matter to me. I am but one Creator God
Among the fields of soul’s visit.

I Sought seeking,
Though there was no peeking.

I found the woman of my salvation
and birthed my true self of which
words never can truly be spoken

Caution and Fear
Led me to this Pier
I am grateful, I am calm
I am ground, I am clear.
No Fear and
Caution has turned to highest joy and
The Challenge to Truly allow my Honest Preference.

Lost in Founds name
So they say.

I say FOUND and their perception of
Lost was never my cost.

I am My Best Friend
And I know the silence still self within

I know the me without their programs, titles, liens debt, and
False Matrix games. 

I Know Me, I Found Me, I healed Me, and now
I shiver to Allow Me.

I have made it to the valley green,
 I fear the Fruit of My Creation.

I fear the Reward of my Endeavors Lore.

Now to Allow Joy,
And Release in Finality
Their version of My Life,
My Sacred Self, My Core, My Source.

~Reverend Crystal Cox

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Collective Consciousness is being Changed - Quan Yin

"We would like to talk to you today about the changes that many feel are taking place in the world around them. The truth of these changes is varied and range from feeling blissful to feeling anxious and unsettled. The energy from the collective consciousness is being changed, challenged, and rectified. This is not an easy process, as what has led to the dominating thought forms was not created overnight.

As each belief and thought is being rewritten slowly it must too be released slowly. Those of you who are sensitive feel this release, however, understand that the feelings it brings up within may only cause distress if there is a piece of this thought within you. So while it may seem a burden to feel wave after wave of energy that is pulling and pushing, much like your oceans, understand that it a gift that is showing you what is buried deep within, what must now be healed. 

These patterns and beliefs being healed relate to your survival as a species, your basic needs, rights, and safety. As these are being reworked, rewritten it can manifest within as feelings of lack in all of its forms, concerns for your safety or the safety of those you love, and just a general feeling of unease. Know that you are completely safe and that nothing is being done to you without the permission of your highest self.

These will be felt largely in your lower chakras as these are the ones used throughout the centuries for your survival. It is these chakras that must be cleared throughout the collective. Some of you may be experiencing stomach disruption, bowel issues, lower back pains, and even problems with your hips and legs. 

The menstrual cycle may become disrupted or abnormally painful during this time as well. Your dreams may be unusually vivid and need to be looked at to show you what is so deeply hidden within you. Understand that this is deep clearing that must take place so that the collective as a whole can move forward. 

As each of you heals these aspects within yourself, the collective heals and the thoughts and behavioral patterns will be rewritten within the group consciousness. Though immediate results are wanted, this process will take time to work its way through the population. It is important to understand that none of what is being released in the collective will affect you unless it finds a vibrational match within you. This is your opportunity to see what needs to be changed, reworked, and rewritten in your life.

For some of you what is arising is simply showing you old thought patterns that need to be completely let go of. For others, what is being shown goes much deeper and will change everything for you. In order to honor who you are becoming, some of you will find yourselves making radical changes, huge leaps of faith, and steps that will put you on a path of realizing your own divinity. 

If your life is no longer providing you the joy that your soul needs to thrive, we ask you to listen to your urging and be bold and fearless. We ask you to test all decisions, that they be based on your heart’s desire and love for all, including yourself and not based on fear or the perception of lack. This is especially important with the energies that are intended to pull forth all that is not aligned with love. 

Act completely from your heart and turn away from all that no longer makes your heart sing. This definition will change many, many times on this process as you let go of who you thought you were and step into who you truly are. Some will look back amazed at the large life changes but yet feel that they are finally completely who they truly are meant to be.

Tipping point has been reached - Quan Yin

We have reached a tipping point in this process. Many of you have recently moved into the 5 Dimensional reality. We smile because we know that many of you are looking around thinking that you must not have made it yet. Please understand that the 5th Dimensional reality is a vibratory state. Just as the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and beyond dimensions are. 

When you have cleared a certain amount of beliefs and density from your body you then vibrate higher and can access the higher dimensions. As many of the first group have moved into this new location, it allows others to follow suit faster and with greater ease. This tipping point has been long awaited.

There has been much disinformation about the 5th Dimension as a magical place, a place where upon arriving you are instantly healed, upgraded, and immortal. This is just not the case. When you move into the Fifth dimension your first destination is to connect fully to the Unity grid. This grid allows you to connect easily with those that resonate at this higher vibrating state. It is where you begin to understand fully and live knowing that we are all in fact one. It is from this destination that you will continue to clear and remove density from your frame allowing more crystalline light codes in.

 It is from this destination that true connection with the highest aspect of self begins. As you rise through the dimensions, this connection will strengthen and you will merge with your soul source. Clearing allows space for your highest vibrating aspect to come forth.

Some of you may become discouraged hearing this, thinking that the 5th dimension was your final destination that upon arriving your work is done. We understand as the journey from the 3D dimensional frequency to the 5th dimensional frequency was long and difficult. It has been your most difficult and time consuming change by far. You will find that as you embrace your new location, your new vibration and release all that no longer serves you that you move quickly through the dimensions. 

Each dimension, will allow you to vibrate higher, create more clearly the life you want, and for you to feel at peace. At the same time, understand that anything you are still holding onto will come up again and again so that it may be healed. The 5th Dimension is not a magic cure, but a place where the magic begins and increases as you move forward.

Now is the time to own your personal mastery and focus on love for yourself and others as this is what opens your heart charka allowing more to be cleared and more codes to come in. As your heart opens fully, as you seek a life of wondrous beauty, your purpose in life will unfold before you. You will receive new, higher vibrating blue prints or plans that are designed to help you achieve all that is in your highest good. Understand that blue prints come in layers and as layers are added, anything you are holding, grief, anger, sadness, and beliefs that no longer serve will be brought forth to your new blue print for the opportunity to cleanse there. 

If an issue is completely cleansed and released, it will not be part of who you are in the future. It is you who calls forth what no longer serves you in each moment, it is you who has the power to let it all go as well. At any moment you may call on your guides, angels, highest self, and the ascended masters to assist you with clearing and moving forward. However, it is you who must uncover the root cause of what you are struggling with. When you find the root cause and how it has impacted parts of your life, only then can you see the lesson that it was designed to teach you. Once a lesson is learned, you no longer need to hold onto it moving forward.

It is important in these times that you do not allow another to dissuade you from claiming your personal mastery. This is your time to shine and continue on with your work of clearing, growing and expanding.

Preparing for the Next Role - Sunat Kumara

We want to talk to you today about the effects these energies are having on you emotionally and physically. Many of you feel as if there is no reprieve from the wave upon wave of energies that are coming in. Your bodies are doing the best they can to cope with the energies and many of you are experiencing side effects that are impacting your daily life.

Understand that we are in a pivotal time, for some the energies are pushing those ready to connect to the unity grid, also known as the Christ consciousnesses in the 5th dimension. This is done by the clearing of your vehicle of density so that it can hold more light. For those of you who have already connected the energies are preparing you for your next role, which is to help strengthen the pathway for others to follow. It is those of the first wave, who followed the paths laid and anchored by the pioneers that are now strengthening the connection and pathways for those of the second wave to follow with greater ease. This was the role that you agreed to play before this incarnation. Ascension from the 3D is individual but yet it is also collective. In order to assist those coming you had to individually clear the density within so that you could accommodate the energies of your next task, which is to hold the energies that guide others.

As you move into your next task of assisting others by strengthening the energetic pathways, you will find that your chakras will strengthen and enlarge, as they do you will continue to remove density from your form which allows them to grow and activate your entire energy field. Some of you will experience increased heart palpitations and tightening of the chest. As your heart chakra expands you may also feel pressure in your upper back.  You may also experience pain in your temples and cranium as your third eye and crown expand so that you may easily process the light codes that are moving through you.

It is essential that you understand the all that is taking place is for your highest good and that nothing is being done to you nor are you under attack. We recommend that you breathe through the energies and command your body to allow the changes and integration. As the body experiences these changes, anxiety is common. The mind will look for reasons why your body feels anxious and you can then fall subject to worries and fears in regards to this process. We ask that you allow for distraction to lead your way. 

Create a soothing routine when the energies come that are making you uncomfortable. Your electronic devices can disrupt the flow of energies and codes streaming forth and prolong the process. Spending time outside and in water will help to speed up the downloading of information and the internal processing. At times, you may be guided to sleep, this is particularly important during a large download of information. 

You may also feel guided to eat things that are outside your normal diet. Understand that those cravings should be honored as your body is needing a particular ingredient in the food you are craving. What one must not do is set such strict limits upon yourself so that you feel guilt or shame when deviating from the diet you have created within your belief system. Never before has the human body been taxed as it is in these moments. It is particularly important that one stays grounded not only to the earth but within the body as well. Many of you are naturally not fully in the body, but this disrupts the flow of information. 

Walking upon your earth in bare feet can be very beneficial at this time. However, understand that the most important tool you have for this time is joy and laughter. Seek what makes you happy and to laugh. A person that is happy and joyful is naturally aligned with source and this creates a pure channel for the information to flow.

As you are being prepared for this role you may find that your physical location changes as each of you have agreed to assist from a particular geographic location. For some this will come as a natural urging to pick up your roots and go to some place new. For others this may appear forced as relationships, jobs, even health dictate a change. 

Not all will need to change their physical location as they are positioned perfectly. Understand that there is nothing that you need to do to fulfill this role, except to continue to clear your form of all that no longer serves you.  It is through your higher vibrating being that the codes will naturally be transmitted to all those around you. 

As you continue on your upward journey through the dimensions you will be able to handle the codes easier and with greater efficiency. As with any task, the more you relax and don’t fret the easier it will be, the more natural it will become and the more you can incorporate it into your daily life with little disruption.

The next 3 months are very important and many of you will look back at awe at the changes you have made in your being, your thoughts, and your actions. Understand the channel in which the downloads come through your body is also the same path that connects you to your highest self, your intuition, and the deepest remembering of who you truly are. Approaching the changes with childlike wonder and excitement will help you to integrate all into your being.

Great Progress Being Made - Quan Yin

We come to you today with a brief message of hope as many of you are making great progress. We understand that many of you are experiencing great difficulty emotionally, physically, and mentally. Many of you feel as if you cannot possibly go on. Yet we urge you to do just that. We are asking you to have hope, to believe and to push away all your doubts and fears. We are able to see your progress and the changes being made within. We ask that you clear your focus and see yourselves as we see you.

Many of your friends, companions have already entered the Fifth dimension and have attached to the unity grid. Many are not that far off either. While this new location is not all you were told it would be, it is a landing place that will help to ease the burden of fluctuating emotions and thoughts that have weighed so many down. Once you attach to the unity grid you can no longer move down vibrationally to the lower dimensions. 

From this location you can only move upwards. Once you reach this destination you will be able to see much clearer those that are caught in the third dimensional paradigm. You will see their fears, their egos, and many of you will be able to see precisely what is holding someone back, what patterns are in play in their lives. 

This is a wonderful thing because it is an opportunity for you to see your growth and also to lend compassion and understanding to those who are still not ready to move forward and do the deep inner work required. What should not happen is for one to use their new position as a way to feel better than or more worthy than another. This only leads to duality and an increase of the ego, even if only on a spiritual level. Your job is to love, completely, unconditionally all that enter your circle, all that enter your reality.

Some of you are feeling that it is time to rejoin society, to find a way to put your new found vibrational level to work, however, many of you still feel the need to cocoon within the self. There is nothing wrong with this. It is during this time that you become stronger in your sense of self, clear more density from your form, and figure out who you are without the layers that once surrounded you. 

When you are ready to rejoin society, it will be with a strong sense of self and a resolve that is unshakable. What one must not do is judge themselves for their lack of desire to be part of society. It is a normal part of this process to feel the need to go within at all levels, when you are secure in this, you will find that you are able to maintain your balance even among the chaos of your changing world.

The physical effects that are being experienced by all those on earth have escalated. The light codes coming in no longer come in blasts but in steady streams, once you have cleared a certain amount, you then are automatically receiving the next level of codes. This is beneficial in that one no longer has to wait for an alignment or a solar burst to continue their growth. The codes are there, available when one is ready. 

There are continued bursts that help you to purge all that no longer serves, they bring up emotions and memories that must be reconciled. As one heals and no longer feels the need to hang onto a belief, thought or pattern, they then clear deep within and at all levels. With the continuous pace of the light codes many are not feeling a break from the rigors of healing. While this is difficult, it is necessary to help you move into the next phase of your existence.

It is important that one do their best to look upon all the changes taking place within from a positive perspective. Just as a woman in labor, feels pain, she understands that out of her pain comes a glorious new life. This is no different, out of the pain you are feeling, the work you are doing, comes a glorious new life, yours. 

A life where you are connected to the highest aspect of self; one where you are home. We ask that all of you keep going, keep clearing and keep your hearts wide open with love for yourself and others."


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Upgrade Your Consciousness TIP

Blessings Beloveds,

There is a huge leap of consciousness that occurs when one transitions themselves into the Energy that is actually happening or not happening, compared to the predictions of the energy that may or may not happen.

This one small but VERY important step can help you live in the NOW moment, when everything does ACTUALLY occur.  To do this is to not follow predictions of energy or the pack, and actually tune into the energy field and see what is happening yourself.

Predictions can be an addiction, and all addictions must be discarded in the Ascension Process. 
As a psychic who does give accurate predictions, predictions have their place, but not with ENERGY, since incoming energy can occur at ANY time regardless of planetary occurrences. Energy waves, downloads and upgrades are not subject to dates and times.

They are the work of the Creator, the Galactics and all things in the unseen psychic world. They do at times conform to planetary influences but this is by no means all the time.

If we just think energy will come in on special dates and times, we are limiting ourself to the upgrades that will only occur at those times. Upgrades can actually occur anytime and they do.

You have all seen me post when we have had huge energy upgrades and there was no special date at that time. This happens more than 50 percent of the time. So think about it, if we only focus on dates, we are losing out on over half the upgrades that are REALLY taking place.

My Near ascension experience in 2013 did not happen on any special date and the full ascension/event experience most likely will not either.

Many times special dates come in and there is literally no energy attached to them. This is why we must make the consciousness raising move into TRUTH, the one truth and not the pack consciousness of the old way of being. 
 Thinking that all planetary occurrences lead to shifts in consciousness is incorrect. This also hurts those that may be legitimately tuned into energy/ or are working hard to feel energy and then feel nothing during the times predictions are made.

We need to be aware of high energy possible dates, but not influenced by them to the point of missing the energy upgrades that can and do come in at any time 
Love Diane Canfield 
Psychic Clairvoyant | Ascension Teacher | Alien Races Contactee | Energy Wave Expert"

Lyra Star-gate

"~ Lyra Star-gate ▲ ~
Lyra is the 12th dimensional star-gate. It is the gateway to higher dimensions outside of the 12 dimensional energy matrix of which the Earth is part. Currently the Earthy exits within a three dimensional wave form pattern of energy. The first dimension relates to the inner Earth kingdom and the second dimension to the Great Central Sun.
Star-gates or inter-dimensional energy portals have been progressively opening and allowing ever higher dimensional energy into Earths atmosphere since January 2000. 
These star-gates will continue to progessively open until December 2012, affecting the Earths energy fields and preparing the Earth grids for a shift to a fifth dimensional energy patterning. 

These star gates are:

4th dimension Sun or Sol
5th dimension Pleiades
6th dimension Sirius
7th dimension Arcturus
8th dimension Orion
9th dimension Andromeda
10th dimension Lyra/Vega
11th dimension Lyra/Vega
12th dimension Lyra

The purpose of embodied souls on Earth is to return to the fullest expression of their soul potential within the 12 dimensional system. In doing so they return to the pure image of Adamic creation. (creation in the form of Adam or the Atom). 
But this not all. Our purpose is to now move beyond this 12 dimensional energy matrix through a 13th aeon or 13th stargate.
Within the Song of Lyra are the keys and codes of light, sound and vibration which will enable the DNA patterning to change and therefore the cells of the body to begin to be rebuilt according to an altered biological design. 
This will give rise in the time ahead to a new biological pattern and evolutionary cycle for mankind along with the Earth our home.
This new biological patterning will be through a 72 cell light grid structure instead of the present 64 cell light grid structure. 
The 72 cell light grid will allow for an altered ratio of the constituents of biological composition of the human body, namely the nitrogen, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen ratios.
The alteration in cellular biology and chemistry of the body with light passing through a 72 light cell grid will pave the way for altered biological form. 
This alteration in biological form will take three generations to stabilize as the body must alter genetically over time, however the Earth Shift of 2012 will initiate and require marked physical change. I am told that within 100 years the people of this planet will look different. 
They will function on a higher dimensional waveform energy pattern and hold a much higher light quotient within the cells of the body. The cells of the body will also function more efficiently. The people of the future will therefore live longer and be healthier.
In the next five years I belive that there will be many changes on Earth as people are polarised towards love or fear. 
Remember that there is only really LOVE. FEAR is the really an illusion that something bad may happen. Please understand that you are no longer the YOU you think you are. You are moving rapidly into your souls true beingness. Be aware that even though you are living a human existence and are of the Earth, you are also of the heavens.

It has always been part of a greater Divine plan for this entire galaxy that the human creation, the human being, should go through a process of evolutionary change and experience aligned with the conclusion of this Annus Magnus or great year cycle of 25, 920 years. An evolutionary upgrade for Earth and her people is s
oon to occur as has been written.
As part of the physical remodelling of man to allow for existence on a fifth dimensional Earth with its faster pulsating energy wave form pattern, the energy anatomy of the physical body, the DNA patterning or coding function and the cells of the body must be upgraded. 
The chakra system of the body and the axiatonal feeder line system, the incoming energy feeder lines that come into the body from the higher dimensions must be prepared to synthesise and pull through the physical body and energy circuits more energywhich is more light.
Within the Song of Lyra are the keys and codes of light, sound and vibration which will enable the DNA patterning to change and therefore the cells of the body to begin to be rebuilt according to an altered biological design. The Song of Lyra is a real song. It is the sacred song of the soul. It is about coming home to our Godself.

The Song of Lyra activates soul memory, leads to soul expansion and ascension.
This will give rise in the time ahead to a new biological pattern and evolutionary cycle for mankind along with the Earth our home Enjoy beloved ones !!! 

Judy Satori
In Universal Service▲ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes
Light Encoded Picture By : Ulrikke Aagaard
Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes"